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Assists the physical healing of:
Scar Tissue
Tendon Injury
Ligament Injury
Hypoxic Injury
Stable Vices
Habitual Behaviour

Increases Circulation Of:
Lymphatic Fluid

Increases Removal Of:
Built Up Toxins
Built Up Waste Products
Built Up Lactic Acid
Excess Fluid Levels

Maintains your Horse's:
Neural System Innervation
Digestive Process
Body Core Temperature
Cranial Rhythm
Respiratory System
Proprioceptive Sense

Enhances your Horse's:
Limb Protraction / Retraction 
Limb Abduction / Adduction
Neck / Back Flexion
Impulsion / Collection
Stride Length

  Welcome to the training side of Equine Holistic Training & Therapy.  For the Therapy website please click here


Lantra Awards approvedABT accredited
    Practical Training  offered in England, Ireland and Scotland

Our courses are accredited with Lantra the UKs sector skills council with government recognition for our equine courses, and ABT for our mixed discipline courses.  As an approved training school with Lantra and ABT, Equine Holistic Training has been externally dual quality assured which guarantees the highest of standards are delivered.

Home study distance learning courses in equine healing massage therapy and equine sports massage

practical training days
at one of our training centres
 in Ireland, Scotland, England or in Spain.
(Compulsory if you enrol on our distance learning courses)

We are proud to be the only distance learning provider to offer top class accredited equine massage therapy practical training in Ireland & Scotland as well as two centres in England
( Bristol and Norfolk ), and also Spain

 See Practical Training

"Jilly is an amazing teacher who really cares about each student and the distance learning is monitored with a caring approach to each person."
Equine Holistic student Julia

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This video demonstrates 2 of the traditional equine massage techniques: effleurage - warming up the muscles prior to the application of the wringing technique which stimulates the circulation. Observe how my mare responds with her ears, eyes softening and increasingly droopy lower lip !


Other services include:

Mobile consultation service healing massage therapy at your home or workplace - Norfolk and throughout East Anglia.

Massage Clinic Days either here or at your stables, riding school or livery yard. These can be tailor-made to suit your needs.......

1 day Workshops in equine massage therapy - an opportunity for anybody interested in equine therapies to gain an insight into the benefits of the various massage techniques.

Saddle Fitting Mobile service

Training in Spain and Australia
























  Equine Massage Therapy is an Intellectual Process; working through the law of 'cause and effect', it not only releases the causes of pain and discomfort from within a horse, it also prevents their return and consequential effects. Equine Holistic Training reveals many techniques, applications and routines, all designed to create targeted results for pre-competition, post-competition, maintenance, recovery, psychological relaxation physiological stimulation as well as muscular flexion and tone.

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The horse's brain accepts posture, balance, locomotion and muscular tension as normal, thus continuing to order its negative movement...

When ordered from the brain through the neural system, the integrated workings of the skeletal, ligament, tendon and muscular systems unite, to create the horse's movement. However, the brain does not recognise whether the executed movement is positive and correct, negative, ineffective or self damaging. So why does the horse's brain accept negative and damaging movement? because mother nature has not yet evolved to counteract the very unnatural act of riding the horse in the ways that we do.
Lateral movement, hind limb engagement, creating a light forehand, tracking up, extending the strides and jumping are all unnatural actions, although the horse has the ability to perform these actions so that in the wild he may escape from danger. However, Mother Nature did not incorporate the inclusion tack and rider into these adapted movements.

When treating the horse with both or either equine healing massage and equine sports massage therapy, its powerful effects do not remain confined within the horses muscular system. Its benefits are listed above left.

I am a Registered Equine Massage Therapist. I work within my duty of care at all times. My area of expertise is the horses muscular system and its corresponding physiological effects. I have been trained to evaluate, locate and treat muscles and muscular related conditions. I am not a veterinary surgeon and I will always recommend that a horse be referred back to its vet should I deem this necessary if its condition is outside any area of my professional field.

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Equine Massage Therapy is not a luxury -
it is a necessity for all domestic working and retired horses